North American free trade threatened

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Former US Ambassador to Canada Gordon Giffin has spoken out against protectionism, defending the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA - which applies to Canada, Mexico and the USA). "There is a healthy skepticism about free trade and free-trade deals in the United States. That tendency is enhanced and exacerbated by the stresses of our current economic challenges, which results in a perverse policy prescription like 'Buy American' which is being advanced by our Congress in the United States and which is, in effect, protectionism on steroids," he said. Giffin spoke at the annual conference of the North American Supercorridor Coalition in Quebec, and said trade restrictions would bring economic inefficiencies and supported his call to retain free trade with statistics that show the benefits of NAFTA, including an increase in value of bilateral trade between Canada and the USA and a rise in employment, industrial output and hourly wages.


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