New footage reignites live export ban debate

New footage reignites live export ban debate  article image

The government’s independent live export review is investigating new graphic footage of animals being inhumanely slaughtered in Turkish abattoirs. The images from Animals Australia shows sheep being hoisted above the ground by their hind legs, while still conscious, before having their throats cut, in a violation of international welfare standards. The new footage comes after the temporary live export ban to Indonesia was lifted last month. Former diplomat Bill Farmer has been assigned to investigate the footage as part of the independent review of the trade. Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White said the images should make people question why export permits have been provided to Turkey. "This is a routine method that occurred in nine of the 10 abattoirs that we visited," White said. "This absolutely breaches ... the international guidelines that the Department of Agriculture have said for years had to be the base-level standards for the importation of Australian livestock." While White was unable to confirm the sheep in the footage were Australian, she reinforced that the abattoirs they took the footage in regularly received Australian cattle and sheep. Government figures show 397,917 sheep and 105,417 cattle were exported from Australia to Turkey in the 18 months to June this year. Independent Andrew Wilkie’s private member bill and Greens MP Adam Bandt’s bill to end trade were voted down in parliament after they received no support from government or opposition MP’s.


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