Minister says Indonesia is secure

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Indonesian Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik has assured tourists and other foreign visitors that the country is safe, following the Jakarta bombings of Friday, July 17. Wacik has issued a statement on their anti-terrorism actions: "In the past decade, Indonesia has gained a strong reputation among law enforcement and political leaders worldwide as a country that while it has suffered from terrorist attacks in the past has done more than most to effectively combat terrorism within their borders." The latest data from the ministry shows there has been no distinct drop in visitor numbers since the attacks, either from Jakarta or Bali, Indonesia's tourist magnet. The steady numbers indicate that the Indonesian government's reaction - setting up a Crisis Centre and ensuring a comprehensive flow of information - has worked to assure visitors that it is still safe to travel to and within Indonesia. "We would urge countries considering a warning to their citizens about visiting Indonesia to examine the conditions on the ground carefully; to let their Embassies and the world media inform them of the real situation throughout the country," said Wacik. He added that continued support of the Indonesian tourism industry would uphold "the many thousands of Indonesians who work in the tourism sector" and enable them to "welcome visitors to a happy and safe tourism experience every year".


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