IP design battle between Katie and Katy Perry

IP design battle between Katie and Katy Perry article image

Lawyers acting on behalf of singer Katy Perry have blocked an application by Australian designer Katie Perry to register her name, despite the difference in spelling. The designer began a loungewear label two years ago under her birth name, Katie Perry. She has since traded online and at local markets, and launched a trade mark application last September. Last week, legal firm Fisher Adams Kelly, acting for the singer, asked her to cease trading. "It asked me to give up the trademark, withdraw sale of my clothes, withdraw any advertising and any websites, and sign that I will not in the future use a similar trademark to Katy Perry," said Perry. "It really felt like I was being intimidated and bullied into signing everything away." While Fisher Adams Kelly would not comment, other trade mark lawyers said it was not surprising given that celebrities often go into the fashion business as part of their merchandising. The designer's only hope is to show proof that she was using the label before the singer became famous, which would mean she could continue trading, but may not be granted exclusive use. "I'm not trying to become a singer. I'm not pretending to be her. This is my income. And it's the livelihood of my contractors as well," said Perry, vowing to fight for her business.


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