Expat survey reveals the cashed up and the homeward bound

Expat survey reveals the cashed up and the homeward bound article image

Results from the latest Expat Explorer survey conducted by HSBC Bank International reveals that more expatriates living in the UK (44 percent) and the USA (23 percent) are considering a move home compared with expats in other countries. The first survey of the 2009 series, Expat Economics, also showed that expats have reduced their spending, and that Asia has the highest paid expats in the world with one in four earning more than US$200,000 a year. "As the world continues to undergo a significant economic shift, we are seeing some interesting patterns amongst the expat population, particularly in the changes to their spending habits," said Paul Say, head of Marketing and Communications for HSBC Bank International. "Despite expats in the UK and US considering a move home we also found that the majority of expats are staying put despite growing employment uncertainty across many regions." The survey identified Russia, Japan and Qatar as individual countries with the largest proportion of highly paid expats. Of those surveyed, 43 percent of expats in Russia, 40 percent of those in Japan and 22 percent in Qatar indicated their annual income was more than US$200,000, with a monthly disposable income in excess of $3,000. Australia had the least wealthy expats with 63 percent indicating they earned less than US$100,000, significantly more than the 35 percent of participants across the board. The survey involved 3,100 expats from more than 50 countries. For more details on the results, see HSBC's Expat Explorer.


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