China rejects US emissions tariffs

China rejects US emissions tariffs article image

China has labelled potential US legislation, which would see tariffs linked to greenhouse gas emissions, as protectionist. Last week the US House of Representatives narrowly passed legislation to limit pollution contributing to climate change, with one provision that has the potential to introduce tariffs on imports from countries that do not make emissions cuts. Although the bill is yet to pass the US Senate, China has already expressed its concern about possible trade barriers. "We are firmly against such attempts to advance trade protectionism under the pretext of climate change," said He Yafei, China's Vice Foreign Minister. "It is not conducive to world economic recovery and it serves nobody's interest." While the Obama administration has supported the bill in theory, it has reservations about the proposed tariff measures. However, it is looking to pass the bill before the international meeting in Copenhagen later this year where global representatives will negotiate a new agreement on greenhouse gas reduction.


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