BRIC Ambassadors begin talks in Canberra

BRIC Ambassadors begin talks in Canberra article image

The Ambassadors to Australia from Brazil, Russia, India and China - the four 'BRIC' countries forecast to dominate the global economy - met last week to discuss areas of mutual interest including trade and mitigation strategies for the global economic downturn. Hosted by the Brazilian Ambassador Fernando de Mello Barreto, and organised by BRIC expert David Thomas of Think Global Consulting and Graham Rich of Portfolio Construction Forum, the event was the first official meeting of the four Ambassadors. Fernando de Mello Barreto (Brazil), Alexander Blokhim (Russia), Sujatha Singh (India) and Zhang Junsai (China) met one day prior to the inaugural meeting of the BRIC leaders in Russia as part of the BRIC+ Program, which is a professional development service providing educational activities on emerging markets. The BRIC Ambassadors agreed to maintain future dialogue and share feedback on the talks in Russia. The four will meet again as keynote speakers at the Portfolio Construction Masterclass in Sydney on August 25. Between them, the four BRIC nations represent around 40 percent of the world's population, and 15 percent of its gross domestic product. The BRIC economies will contribute 100 percent of global GDP growth in 2009.


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