Australia is multicultural and racist says study

Australia is multicultural and racist says study article image

A study conducted by a collective of Australian universities has found that while many Australians feel multiculturalism is good for the country, some worry that cultural differences could divide communities. "Over 40 percent of those surveyed feel that cultural differences pose a threat to societal harmony," Professor Kevin Dunn, from the University of Western Sydney's School of Social Science. "If you take that alongside the 87 percent that are pro-multiculturalism, clearly you have a third of the nation that tolerates cultural diversity but are concerned at the impact it will have on society." Results from the 11-year study showed that 85 percent of those surveyed acknowledged that racial prejudice in Australia existed and that one in five had been a victim of racist verbal abuse. More than six percent were against multiculturalism. Dunn inferred that the government could deal with racial issues by appointing a full-time Racial Discrimination Commissioner, as the Social Justice Commissioner was not able to devote enough time to addressing them. "Because of the severe underfunding of the commission, they're just unable to offer the sorts of services required," said Dunn, also referring to the handling of the recent attacks on Indian students. The study involved a survey of 16,000 Australians. It forms part of the 'Challenging Racism Project' involving researchers from the University of Western Sydney, Macquarie University, Murdoch University, University of Melbourne, University of South Australia and Victoria University.


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