Export pricing guide to costing products

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This AIEX guide provides the costs you need to incorporate to arrive at the minimum price to charge your customer. Download the pdf by clicking on this link: Export Pricing Guide

  Cost of Raw Materials / Parts
1 Plus (+) Manufacturing & Processing (Labour / Overheads)
Plus (+) Export Packaging
Equals (=) Factory Cost
2 Less (-) Duty drawback on imported components if applicable
Equals (=) Factory Cost
3a Plus (+) Interest factor .......days @......%p.a.
Plus (+) Sales margin .......%.
Equals (=) Selling Price - Ex Works (EXW Named Place)
3b Plus (+) Cartage/loading cost to first independent carrier named by buyers. ie. Depot, wharf
Plus (+) Certification / legislation / inspection , if required
Plus (+) Customs declaration (EDN)
Plus (+) Any additional labour / packing
Equals (=) Selling price - free alongside ship (FAS named place) OR Selling price - free carrier (FCA named place) (Sea or Air)
3c Plus (+) Loading charges eg. BSRA/Wharfage/Lo/Lo, if not included in freight if applicable
Equals (=) Selling price - free on board (FOB named place)
3d Plus (+) Sea freight / Air freight
Plus (+) CAF (Currency adjustment factor) if applicable BAF (Bunker adjustment factor) if applicable (Note: It is suggested that an additional 5% of the above three items be added to cover any unforeseen contingency).
Equals (=) Selling price - Cost and Freight (CFR/CPT named place)
3e Plus (+) Marine insurance premium (Ch#7 of Handbook)
Equals (=) Selling Price + Insurance + Freight (CIF / CIP Named Place)


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