10 reasons to do business with China

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The China Australia Business Congress provided many valuable lessons for all. Not just for businesses keen to start doing business with China -whether importing, exporting, investing or setting up operations there-but for those already in that space looking to deepen their relationship with the Chinese market. Here are 10 reasons Australians should look to do business with China:

  1. China’s economy is one of only two that will grow this year. The other is India, which has a more domestic-focused economy.
  2. China is Australia’s most valuable bilateral trade partner. China is also our second most valuable customer, second to only Japan for buying our exports.
  3. Of all foreign trade organisations, the Australian Trade Commision (Austrade) has the largest number of offices in China: 15 locations around the country, including one each in Hong Kong and Macau.
  4. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is the only Western leader fluent in Mandarin. Do not underestimate the effect this has in the business world.
  5. The Chinese government is tightening intellectual property laws and stepping up law enforcement in this area so businesses can trade with more confidence in their IP protection.
  6. The number of Chinese students studying in Australian education institutions has risen from 90,000 last year to 130,000 this year, which means more and more Chinese nationals are becoming familiar with Australian culture.
  7. The Chinese government’s stimulus package has increased demand for commodities such as coal and steel to services such as healthcare expertise, education and training.
  8. Australia’s strength in the cleantech space fits well with China’s clean energy initiatives, including architectural aspects such as green buildings and the design of eco-friendly precincts.
  9. Australia is currently in negotiations with China over a free trade agreement.
  10. China will host the 2010 World Trade Expo in Shanghai, which marks it as the place to be for business in the near future.


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