New Year’s resolution: Market your Aussie products

New Year’s resolution: Market your Aussie products article image

A new year, in fact a new decade, is upon us and what better time to review the way you market your Australian products in export markets. Are you taking advantage of Australia’s strong nation brand and turning it into a valuable competitive advantage? Promoting your products consistently and aggressively as Australian makes great business sense. "The first step is of course to ensure packaging communicates that a product is made Down Under - place the Australian Made logo in a prominent place on the front of your packaging. If being Australian is an advantage for your products, make sure you make it easy for consumers to recognise that fact," says Ian Harrison, chief executive of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign. "The next step is to incorporate the message into your advertising, point of sale material, website and all other components of your marketing suite. The fact that your product is made in Australia gives you some great opportunities to tap into consumer demand and leverage from our nation brand; so make the most of it." The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is used on more than 10,000 products sold around the world. Some 44 percent of logo users are active in export markets and the vast majority (73 percent) use the logo on their export products to differentiate their products and highlight their 'Australian-ness'. For more on the Australian Made logo and how to use it on your products, please visit or call 1800 350 520.


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