Tips for online export

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Internet start-up veteran and CEO of online marketing solutions provider LeadBolt Dale Carr outlines the rules for e-commerce.

* Know your product, know your market, know your clients and know what your technology can do. You want to have a plan for being able to ramp up in response to demand. Your reputation goes very quickly online. * Check that your technology works and that it can deal with the largest possible volume of demand. Continually check your system and make sure it is working, especially after hours. * Do price comparisons to ensure your product isn’t available more cheaply in your target market. Tell your customers in advance how much it’s going to cost them to get their unit. * You need to be able to accept foreign credit cards. Fraud checking is critical and there are companies that can provide that service on the credit cards. Also do your own basic checks on buyer credentials. * Always have some kind of site seal or a secure certificate lock that shows your site is guaranteed secure and provides a verification link that allows them to look you up. * It helps to have an international phone number and address for the target market country. You could also include a map showing where your fulfilment centre is. * Monitor your brand. You need to be out there on forums or news groups and able to tackle any kind of questions people have in relation to the brand or service you are providing.


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