9 tips to drive savings on your air travel

9 tips to drive savings on your air travel article image
  1. Implementing a strategic travel management plan that plans and projects your air travel activity for the year ahead and sets 'tighter' goals and parameters to help reduce unnecessary expense (a travel manager can help you do this!)
  2. Striking a balance between your travel demands and your commercial and financial goals ('demand management')
  3. Including guidelines in your travel policy to leverage the savings from best fare of day, advance bookings or mixed-fare air itineraries
  4. Using more cost efficient classes of travel where suitable
  5. Instilling a cost-conscious culture among your travellers by educating them on your travel policy and its benefits, and encouraging policy compliance
  6. Staying informed on industry developments and news such as new airline codeshares and alliances
  7. Exploring the option of using alternative airports where possible
  8. Consolidating your bookings and data with one travel management consultancy (TMC) rather than several to enhance data management and traveller tracking and security.
  9. Planning for productivity impacts e.g. ensure your travellers have airport lounge access in case flights are delayed or rescheduled.


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