Making it Happen: Australian Innovative Systems

Making it Happen: Australian Innovative Systems article image

Some people are just plain greedy. As if winning the AMP Innovation Award at Queensland’s 2009 Telstra Business Awards wasn’t enough, Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) has also taken out the ‘Most Innovative Product’ category at the Barcelona Swimming Pool and Spa Trade Show 2009 and the eco-friendly 2009 Gold Gaia Award in Dubai earlier this year. With more than 35 years of experience, AIS produces water disinfection technologies including salt and freshwater chlorine generators that are not only among the best in the world but, in many cases, world firsts. Following a change in ownership in 1992, the Brisbane-based company invested significantly to develop and incorporate state-of-the-art technology into its salt chlorinator products. During the past decade, AIS has expanded internationally, particularly in the field of commercial and resort swimming pools and waterslide parks. "International distribution and sales have been at the forefront of AIS’ growth since the change of management in 1992," says executive director Elena Gosse. Today the company has distributors throughout Australia as well as partners serving markets in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and South America. The road to victory wasn’t easy. Back in 2003, they were struggling with weak reporting, poor workflow practices and no easy way of calculating foreign exposure. "If there was a mistake in the old system, we just didn’t know where the problem started. Our previous software couldn’t provide us with a real window into our business," says Gosse. AIS needed a system that would allow it to trade efficiently across international borders. They implemented Happen Business’ Jim2 Business Engine, as it could support multiple foreign currency transactions, as well as improve stock control and workflow management, including stock serial number tracking. "We now have accurate recording, documentation and tracking of overseas contracts. The multicurrency feature is so important for our invoicing. It helps us save time on administration work and concentrate on winning new business overseas," says Gosse. "Not only can we now calculate our foreign currency exposure quickly each day, we have complete information about workflow operations from materials ordering, production, sales and marketing, through to shipping and delivery. Every business that exports needs these functions."

For more information on Jim2 accounting software and multiple currency support, see -Craig Kirby is marketing manager at Happen Business


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