Why building your brand is important

Why building your brand is important  article image

A brand is essentially a promise of value to customers. Building a strong company brand leads to awareness, recognition and trust in the product or service provided, which in turn generates increased leads and sales. Branding is especially important in export business as it is the one consistent message every potential customer sees and having strong company and product branding can make all the difference between failure and success. Building the brand Consider what direct competitors offer to their customers and then identify what sets your company and product apart. As a new product or service you need to ensure your target market will be able to differentiate between you and your competitors but also be able to instantly understand why your product is better or different. The next step is to choose your brand message or messages and a ‘voice’; Do some research into your target market and the different ways they perceive brands. How do you want your company and product to be viewed by your target market? Are you affordable or high end? Family run or corporate? Practical or stylish? Conversational or formal? Bringing the brand to life One of the most crucial things to remember about branding is to always be consistent - especially when your brand is being marketed across multiple regions. It is essential that the branding is kept consistent across all media, as well as leaflets, company websites and business cards. That way customers will always be able to easily identify your brand and are more likely to remember and recognise it in the future. Online directories, such as Fatcow, can help you to build brand awareness. By listing on specialist, trusted directories it adds authority to your brand message and acts as a recommendation to potential customers in your targeted market, helping to widen your audience. Thousands of farming and agricultural professionals use the directory to source products and services every year. Brand considerationsBefore moving your brand overseas there are a few considerations you must make about your brand and its image:

  • Determine whether your brand image is suitable for the country's culture
  • Determine whether your marketing strategies suit the country or culture you are expanding into - just because a marketing strategy works in Australia doesn’t mean it will work in Asia.
  • Ensure your brand name translates correctly or does not translate into and offensive work or inappropriate meaning.
  • Treat each country individually by creating marketing strategies that match their cultural preferences.
  • Do some ground research before you launch your brand in another country to ensure that your marketing strategy will be met positively by your target audience.

Your brand image and perception is extremely important and when exporting into a new market you want to ensure you create a good first impression.


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