Preparing your export business for the NBN

Preparing your export business for the NBN article image

Once implemented, the NBN has the potential to change the way rural exporters do business by helping to eliminate the challenges and barriers of distance. The NBN will allow exportersto compete at a much higher level and on a global scale. It will provide online exporters with a high speed internet that will increase productivity and at the same time save you money. If you live within the 66 towns or localities within the current three year roll-out plan - due to be finished by 30 June 2015, then there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration in preparation for the new technology. Here are some tips on what you can do to prepare for the NBN and ensure you take advantage of everything this technology has to offer:

  • Faster speeds and quality of cable will mean your online time should be improved. Check with your internet provider to see what new offerings will be added to your contract and take the time to assess other options that may be cheaper and better suited to your export needs.
  • As an online exporter - or if you are thinking of using online to export products, make sure you investigate how you can leverage the network to update your ordering or delivery options. Leveraging the speed and quality of your internet offering can improve your customer’s experience with your brand which can only be positive.
  • Research marketing tactics used by similar export companies online and see what might work for you. Online marketing can often be cheaper than other traditional methods and it’s a great way to increase your market reach.
  • Don’t just add technology layers to your internet site just for the sake of it. Treat the NBN for what it is, a technology improvement. It does not have to mean a change to the way you do business. Changing your business model just because the technology is available without fully understanding the impact can often do more damage than good. Take your time and make any changes based on sound business strategy.
  • Remember to look at all aspects of your business model when considering how to improve your internet capabilities. Driving more customers to your site is not helpful for a business if other areas are not being supported. For example, ensure you look at investing in supporting infrastructure, like warehousing, product development and servicing, to deliver on your customer promise.
  • Keep an eye on the new export industries, organisations or products that start up as a result of the NBN. Monitoring your potential competition will ensure that you can plan for the challenges that this can bring - this includes international competition.

Amazing opportunities will be available to those who are willing to take the time to investigate them, but make sure that you are implementing them for the right reasons. Ask questions and keep asking questions - being informed is the key to success.


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