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I guess because of my background and interest in all things India, I was recently asked about the laws that apply to franchises in India. Readers of Dynamic Export online may have seen my recent article where I discussed international franchising and pointed to some of the domestic laws that may apply when you decide to expand overseas start a franchise business in India. Unlike a number of other countries such as Australia or the United States, there are no specific laws in India that apply to franchises. That doesn't mean there are no laws, simply that there is no central code or text that can be consulted to get your head around the changing face of franchising in that fast moving continent called India. If you thinking of starting elsewhere, for example Indonesia, Malaysia or even exotic Albania, a good place to start to check out the local laws is the web site with a summary of laws that may be found at this Unidroit guide. A word of warning, the details do not appear up to date and so you will need to check what changes may have been made since the last update. Like any area of expertise, if in doubt seek advice, preferably from someone with experience in international trade law and in particular the country you are looking to start your franchise.


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