Why learn about export procedures and documentation?

Why learn about export procedures and documentation? article image

I know an export procedures and documentation course probably does not sound like the most fascinating way to spend three full days. However, I bet it will be the three most productive, education-filled, mind-blowing days of your entire month. This course is suitable for people who have zero knowledge about exporting to people who have been doing this for years. The class sizes are kept small, so as to allow an intimate environment between the fellow students and instructors. The instructors really get to know the students and cater their material to directly relate to the various industries represented in the class. The 3-day course incorporates all styles of learning. I’m definitely more of a visual, even kinesthetic, learner. I have to see it, feel it, and talk about it before I can grasp the concept. The class utilises presentations, handouts, & various tools to appease all styles. The instructors are not just educated, they are the experts. AIEx brings in the professionals who do what they are lecturing over on a daily basis. This guarantees that not only are you learning the most relevant information, you are also gaining a host of new contacts to help with your export ventures. These professionals want you to succeed, and they are very gracious to make themselves available once you return to work and begin exporting. If your business exports in any way, it is imperative to attend this course. This was the most important piece of advice I took away from the course. At the end of the day, your business is responsible for all legal & financial ramifications that arise from exporting. It is imperative to understand the process and be educated, no matter how big of a role you play in the daily export operations. So even if you use others to assist, you need to understand the process. If you still aren’t convinced to sign up for the course immediately, did I mention you get a free copy of the Export Handbook published by the Institute which covers a very extensive range of exporting information normally valued at $137.50? It is the most comprehensive guide published in the industry. And who could turn down the delicious snacks provided at morning & afternoon tea? Everyone will walk away from this course feeling like they can conquer Incoterms® 2010, foreign exchange rates, handling the financial aspects of exporting, initiatives to help your business make exporting profitable faster, insurance, customs, and documentation. The export world may appear big and complicated, but once you understand the process, it really is manageable for everyone.


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