Women in global business speaker series set to take off

Women in global business speaker series set to take off article image
Australian women hoping to expand their business globally will have the opportunity to hear from prominent women who have succeeded internationally at the Women in Global Business Speaker Series in July and August. The annual event held in states and territories across the country will feature speakers from a variety of industry sectors, providing businesswomen with practical advice on venturing overseas. Women in Global Business national program manager, Cynthia Balogh, believes the event is beneficial in helping women overcome international barriers, particularly those in the Middle East. "The Middle East presents quite specific barriers for women; some of the Asian and South American markets can do the same," she said. Balogh told Dynamic Export the event offers business owners the opportunity to learn and network with like-minded people. "It's an opportunity to see their role models, who have often had quite tough journeys to expand their businesses into those market places," she said. "Women often learn from seeing role models. It helps them overcome some confidence issues, whether it's personal confidence or confidence in business," she added. Digivizer CEO, Emma Lo Russo, who will be speaking at the Sydney event can relate to the personal challenges women face when growing their business. "The personal challenge [for women] is to sell and work globally. You also need to be strong in managing and balancing your home life," she said. Lo Russo believes the event will provide shared mentorship and allow women to learn from real-life experiences. "Having real honest examples of what works, it is quite empowering, instead of feeling like you have to navigate the unknown or have a goal and do it alone," she said. Lo Russo told Dynamic Export her personal achievements put her in a position to assist other women with similar ambitions. "I've had extensive global sales experience over the last 10 years and have worked very hard, literally starting from zero. I've now built that up to $10 million revenue across China, India  and Japan," she said. "I’ve really grown to understand how unique these regions are," she added. The event attracted 750 women and men last year and organisers are expecting a similar number this year. For more information, visit the website.


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