US manufacturers fear climate bill

US manufacturers fear climate bill article image
The US National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has spoken out against the country's climate bill, fearing that some 2 million jobs would be lost overseas if the legislation passes through the Senate. The association says higher costs from the cap-and-trade plan on greenhouse gas emissions would drive manufacturing jobs offshore and "will ultimately discourage economic growth, eliminate jobs and do particular damage to the US manufacturing economy," said Jay Timmons, executive vice president of NAM. However, other groups have argued that jobs lost in one sector would be balanced by gains in others such as alternative energy. "NAM isn't speaking for all manufacturers, because an increasing number of US firms believe that clean energy and climate policies will create jobs," said Sam Haswell, spokesperson for clean energy organisation Apollo Alliance. A study conducted by economists from the University of Massachusetts and the Center for American Progress found that the climate bill would generate US$150 billion a year in clean energy investments.


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