United Nations underfunded by members

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Less than 12 percent of countries under the United Nations are paid-in-full members, revealed UN under secretary-general for management Angela Kane yesterday. Just 22 of 192 countries have paid the full amount of what they owe to the agency for its 2008/09 budget, international tribunals, and renovations to its New York headquarters. The USA was the most prominent member that had not contributed its full dues. "The financial health of the organisation depends on member states including the major contributors meeting their financial obligations in full and on time," said Kane, adding that although their peacekeeping bill was lower this year, "the number of members states meeting their obligations in full across all categories is lower than one year ago, which is not so good". More than US$3 billion is outstanding for 2008/09, comprising of $2.1 billion for peacekeeping, $828 million for the core budget, $63 million for the international tribunals and $86 million for renovations to UN headquarters. While 123 countries have contributed towards the UN core budget, with 119 paying for the UN renovations, only 84 have paid for UN international tribunals. Paid-in-full members include Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Canada, Congo, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Niger, the Philippines, Singapore, Italy, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and Tajikistan.


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