Microsoft launches travel risk software

Microsoft launches travel risk software article image
A new traveller risk mitigation software has been developed and will be launched by Microsoft under the name Mapcast later this year. In the event of an emergency like the Mumbai terrorist attacks or the floods in Pakistan, the software enables businesses to quickly identify which of their travellers are at risk, minimising response time and saving valuable rescue resources for those who really need them. Business travel is a necessary part of international trade, but corporations which overlook their duty of care to travelling employees can face litigation when something goes wrong. Developed in partnership by Dynamiq and conTgo, the software combines interactive technology and emergency management procedures to enable "very active" travel management, according to Dynamiq CEO Anthony Moorhouse. MapCast gathers all travel information for a single traveller-itineraries, flights, check-ins and corporate travel policies-into an interactive web-based interface. The data builds an interactive map, updated every few minutes, allowing you to literally draw a circle on a map and identify your employees travelling in a particular region. The list of travellers can be further specified by airline or by travel time. The software also integrates corporate travel policies, and can deliver automatic, real-time location-based reminder messages to ensure adherence to travel policies. MapCast will be made available to Travel Management companies to rebrand and market under their own umbrella management programs. In Australia, travel management company QBT have exclusive rights to the software until January and plan to deploy it by the end of the month. ?


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