Tourism industry to assess business risks

Tourism industry to assess business risks article image
UTS and ANTOR will host a conference next week to discuss recovery strategies for businesses affected by fluctuations in the tourist trade. The Risk and Recovery Strategies for Tourism Destinations and Businesses conference, hosted by University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Faculty of Business and the Association of National Tourist Office Representatives in Australia (ANTOR), will discuss how businesses dealing with fluctuating tourist activity can develop a set of risk management skills to manage the onset of a crisis and facilitate a quick recovery. Examples of crisis discuss will range from terrorism to the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Conference organisers believe that maintaining a viable tourism industry in Australia is now a high economic priority. Recent figures suggest that the Australian tourism industry currently employs 500,000 Australians and international visitors to the country inject over $17 billion per annum into the economy. Domestic travellers contribute a further $70 billion per annum. The conference will review contemporary risk management approaches to crises from a variety of stakeholder perspectives and discuss implementation of strategies focused on the recovery and restoration tourism businesses and destination reputations. The conference will also feature a group of experts and tourism industry leaders who will canvass the issues and offer solutions from a wide range of professional perspectives. Speakers at the conference include representatives from the Insurance Council of Australia, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Tourism Council of NSW. See the ANTOR website for more details.


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