Talent shortage will be a global problem

Talent shortage will be a global problem article image
Despite rising unemployment worldwide, talent shortage will be a global problem in the near future, according to Larry Gould, CEO of Australia-wide Business Training. Gould will be keynote speaker at Austrade's ‘Blue Ocean for High Performing Leaders in Turbulent Times’ seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia later this month, speaking on the benefits of the global economic downturn. "I am confident that the recent economic downturn will prove to be the basis of new era of economic growth, stimulation, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial success," said Gould. "Regardless of the unemployment rates, demand for competent employees will be the single greatest challenge for businesses in the post-GFC era. This shortage will result in business owners investing significantly in retaining and developing the skills of their existing workforces." Globalisation and the increasing number of free trade agreements has led to a more mobile workforce, which means businesses will need to deal with a new generation of workers with different values and needs than those of their predecessors. New businesses "will constantly challenge and discard outdated established conventions and values" so to compete, established businesses must now look to identify and develop the skills of future company managers and leaders to "provide the crucial link between the internal resources and the external objectives," he said.


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