Roy Morgan export research results

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Roy Morgan research conducted for Australian Made Australian Grown found 30 percent of exporters surveyed use the AMAG logo to help promote overseas sales. The 416 respondents to the online survey, which ran in August, reported quality and price as the most important factors in export sales, with country of origin a close third. Sales rose across all markets for exporters who used the AMAG logo on their products, particularly those with annual sales between 100,000 and $250,ooo, and remained stable for those not using the logo. The research findings identified New Zealand as the main target market, with more than 100  respondents exporting across the Tasman, while the number selling to China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia increased between 2008 and 2010. The US and UK remained key destinations, and 45  percent of the respondents exported to one or more countries. The study was the third and final wave of research conducted by Roy Morgan Research and will form part of AMAG's report on its three-year export project to the Federal Government in December .


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