Roo exporters need government boost

Roo exporters need government boost article image
Regional Queensland councils have called for government assistance on behalf of the kangaroo industry, due to its importance to the economy of remote communities. Russia's August ban on kangaroo meat imports due to health concerns has crippled the industry, which now needs funding to adjust to new harvesting requirements. Before the ban, Russia represented more than two-thirds of the sector's export market. "A lot of agricultural sectors do get support from governments in hard times," said David Arnold, manager of the Remote Area Planning and Development Board. "A very valuable sector to our region has come up against customer service issues in food safety and to implement those changes will require dollars. I think the Government can assist industry to help them make that move." Arnold estimates it will cost between $3 million to $5 million to address the issues that prompted the Russian ban, to go towards a growing industry currently worth about $270 million. "I believe it is a relatively small amount of money that I really hope, and I know the mayors really hope, that the government thinks is worth spending on this important industry," he said.


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