Red tape cut for inbound investment

Red tape cut for inbound investment article image
The Federal Government will endeavour to improve inbound investment into Australia with a number of measures designed to reduce red tape and compliance costs for foreign investors. The measures have been designed to increase Australia's global competitiveness as a place to invest, and include:
  • Replacing the four lowest thresholds for private business investment with a single threshold of 15 percent in a business worth $219 million so private foreign investment in Australian businesses under $219 million can proceed without review.
  • Indexing the new unified threshold on January 1 every year to keep pace with inflation, and to prevent foreign investment screening from becoming more restrictive over time.
  • Abolishing the existing requirement that private investors notify the Government when establishing a new business in Australia valued above $10 million.
Implementation of these measures would reduce the number of business applications required to be screened by the Foreign Investment Review Board by 20 percent, according to Government estimates.


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