Qantas increase fares before Christmas

Qantas increase fares before Christmas article image
Qantas have announced they will increase international fares by up to five percent this week, a strong indication that the era of heavily discounted airfares is coming to an end. In its first international fare increase since June last year, Qantas will put up first class and business class fares by three percent on Friday. The increases will affect Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong but not the hotly contested routes to the USA. Premium economy and economy tickets will rise by five percent, increases that will apply to wider range of destinations, including North America. A Qantas spokeswoman said: "Qantas reviews pricing continuously on all routes, taking into account demand and capacity, competitor actions and business performance." Qantas has already successfully raised domestic airfares by five to 10 percent. The new increases are an attempt to improve their profits, which were down 24 percent from the previous year in October. It is unknown at this stage whether competitor airlines will follow suit.


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