Positive Report for Australian Exporters

Positive Report for Australian Exporters article image
A new report on trade and investment among APEC economies shows Australian exports outpacing imports within the Asia-Pacific region. According to the report, titled The APEC Region - Trade and Investment, 2011, produced by The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia’s exports to the region grew in 2010 by 17 percent. Imports, in comparison, grew six percent to $182 billion. APEC accounted for 46 percent of the world’s total exports in 2010 and 56 percent of world GDP, demonstrating the importance of the Asia-Pacific region to the world's economies. This is further demonstrated by the APEC region increasing exports to the world by 26 percent to US$8.7 trillion in 2010. The region’s importance to Australia was also highlighted in the report, showing APEC accounted for more than two-thirds of Australia’s exports and imports. The US was the largest exporter in APEC in 2010, with world exports of $1.8 trillion, closely followed by China with exports of US$1.7 trillion and Japan with exports of US$911 billion. Most of APEC’s trade is among other members, with 68 percent of exports and 65 percent of imports coming from within the region. The complete publication and analysis is available through DFAT.


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