Nothing Beats Queensland says $10 million tourism campaign

Nothing Beats Queensland says $10 million tourism campaign article image
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has announced a new slogan to boost tourism after a summer of natural disasters. 'Nothing beats Queensland' will headline a $10 million tourism campaign targeting media around the world in a bid to attract visitors back to the sunshine state. Bligh said the campaign will promote the "unbeatable" Queensland spirit. "Just as these disasters have not beaten us ... we aim to tell the world that nothing beats Queensland, nothing beats our beaches, nothing beats our rainforest, nothing beats our Great Barrier Reef and nothing beats a Queensland holiday." The announcement coincided with new figures from Tourism Research Australia, which revealed tourists to Queensland increased by four percent in 2010. Despite cyclones and flooding rains, 1.4 million foreign tourists visited Queensland last year. But while visitors from Asia came in droves-Chinese tourists increased by 23 percent and Korean tourists by 21 percent-European tourist numbers declined. State Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt told parliament she believed the lingering effects of the global financial crisis and the strength of the Australian dollar have damaged the international market. Bligh hopes the campaign will declare to the world that Queensland is still open for business. Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan announced that the campaign would be jointly funded by federal and state governments. "We want to see Queensland’s tourism industry where it belongs- back on top-and for that we will need to be urging visitors back to our great state to see just how quickly the tourism industry has gotten back on its feet," Swan said. He said it was essential for the government to support the tourism sector as it employs over 222,000 people in primarily small and medium enterprises. "It makes me very proud to be a Queenslander to see just how resilient our state has been in the face of these natural disasters, and our tourism industry is a great example of that."


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