No talking on flights: survey

No talking on flights: survey article image
Voice calls on communications devices during a flight should not be allowed, according to 92 percent of respondents to a survey conducted by FCm Travel Solutions. While 48 percent of respondents said using a mobile phone to text or email was okay, 44 percent said mobiles should not be allowed at all. Only eight percent were happy for passengers to use their phones to talk, text and/or email during a flight. "Texting and emailing is pretty unobtrusive but when it comes to voice calls, it seems that few travellers want to be stuck next to someone talking shop for two hours straight or divulging details of their personal life," said Chris Preston, FCm's national marketing manager. "As more airlines start to consider mobile phone technology on their flights, I think the issue of people being allowed to use voice calls in-flight, is an area where airlines may need to be guided by customer demand and feedback." The poll follows an earlier release of a discussion paper from the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which details plans for in-flight mobile phone communications. British Airways has announced plans to launch mobile phone technology on its all business class flights between London City Airport and New York’s JFK Airport and Europe’s budget airline Ryanair also permits people to use their mobile phones or PDAs during the cruise stage of some of its flights.


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