Meat exporters to renew Russian roo trade

Meat exporters to renew Russian roo trade article image
Agricultural representative body Agforce will aim to rebuild ties with Russia regarding kangaroo meat exports when the the new Russian trade commissioner to Australia Yuri Aleshinon arrives in Australia next week. The Queensland organisation will take advantage of Russia's renewed interest in Australia’s kangaroo and red meat markets, and hopes to provide strong bilateral agricultural trade and investment opportunities. The tour, developed through a partnership with the Australia-Russia Business Council, will cover parts of the agricultural supply chain including saleyards, grain production, biofuels and meat processors. Last year, Russia's withdrawal from the roo meat market due to hygiene concerns saw the industry close to collapse. "AgForce joined the Australia-Russia Business Council to represent our farming members and identify market opportunities as the kangaroo industry develops," said AgForce Sheep & Wool president Brent Finlay, adding that it is also playing a key role in reinforcing trade opportunities for beef, lamb and goat producers. "This relationship is more than a road to recovery as we seek to re-establish markets for Australian meat - it also creates the potential for information sharing between the two countries’ agricultural sectors," said Finlay. Queensland Minister for Trade Stephen Robertson will host a reception for Aleshin in Brisbane next Wednesday evening.


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