Live export review released

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The senate standard committee on rural affairs and transport have released their 'Animal welfare standards in Australia's live export markets; Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill 2011 [No. 2] and Live Animal Export Restriction and Prohibition Bill 2011 [No. 2]' report. After review by the committee, the findings were focussed mainly on the compensation of industry members for the temporary suspension of live cattle exports after a damning report aired on the ABC's Four Corners program earlier this year. Though the committee recognised the impact the program had on Australian popular opinion of live exports. "There is genuine and widespread concern in the Australian community about the welfare of Australian animals exported for slaughter in other countries. We must continue to strive to improve the treatment of Australian livestock and foster significantly improved animal welfare standards," the report said. Conclusions drawn in the report went on to mention the impact that the TV program had in fast-tracking the need for further and stricter regulations in the industry that were to be continually monitored. The committee also found that the cessation of live exports from Australia was not the answer to the problem. "While many submitters to this inquiry have argued strongly that the solution to these animal welfare issues is to end all live exports, the committee does not agree. The committee considers that Australia's active involvement in the live animal export trade puts it in a much better position to act as an agent of change," the report reads.


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