Japan still on trade radar: Austrade

Japan still on trade radar: Austrade article image
A report published by Austrade has highlighted emerging trade and investment opportunities between Japan and Australia beyond the global economic downturn. Authored by Professor Peter Drysdale, head of the East Asia Bureau of Economic Research at the Australian National University, Australia and Japan: A New Economic Partnership in Asia shows the increasing diversification of the Japanese market, which Australia can leverage via a trade relationship that stretches back several decades. "The report shows that Japan’s economy has rapidly diversified over the last two decades with one-third of all Japanese manufacturing now based offshore. The Japanese market is no longer confined to Japan itself. It is a large international market generated by Japanese business and investors, especially through production networks in Asia," said Elizabeth Masamune, Austrade’s Tokyo-based senior trade commissioner. "Professor Drysdale’s findings show that the strong trade links between our countries now extend well beyond traditional export and import business, and highlight the benefit of closer economic integration to enhance Australian trade across Asia," she added. "The financial crisis has provided the impetus for those companies to pursue opportunities globally. Australian companies with a comprehensive Asian business focus would be well placed to build and leverage partnerships with Japanese firms to win business across the region." Download the report via Austrade. See also: Selling to New Japan


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