Japan bans Aussie mangoes

Japan bans Aussie mangoes article image
Japan has banned Australian mangoes as a temporary precaution after unidentified insect larvae were found in a mango at a southeast Queensland export facility. The premium mangoes had already received vapour heat treatment and were ready for shipping when Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) inspectors made the discovery. Inspectors are waiting for the larvae to hatch, which could push the ban to 20 days. "While we are well through the season it is an important market and in the short-term there's no fruit going through, so we hope we can resolve this as soon as possible," said Australian Mango Industry Association development manager Trevor Dunmall. Dunmall expressed disappointment that the ban extended to all Australian mangoes, not just from the facility in question as the Japanese market for Australian mangoes accounted for about $3 million a year.


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