Italian project backed by Australian technology

Italian project backed by Australian technology article image
Aconex, an Australian construction technology firm, has been selected by Eurolink to manage the online side of its Strait of Messina Bridge project in Italy. Aconex will provide the construction teams working on the €6.1 billion project with a common, web-based platform for managing project information. By using the system, Eurolink and other stakeholders will be able to access, distribute and track their information in real time, from any location and at any time. The immediacy and accessibility of the online collaboration will help links information and teams involved in the infrastructure works of the project, according to project manager at Eurolink Pietro Paolo Marcheselli. "A key challenge for us is to link our project team, which includes companies from Italy, Denmark and Japan. As the project progresses, more and more information will be generated that we will need to manage and control. It was therefore important we have a central communication and information management platform that all authorized parties can access." The bridge, due to be completed in 2016, will link Eastern Sicily with the Italian mainland, becoming the world’s longest suspension bridge. The size of the Strait of Messina Bridge project means that large-scale cooperation is essential, adds Marcheselli. "Aconex clearly delivers considerable value to large-scale, complex projects such as this one. Our global team will be able to quickly and easily collaborate, and the fact that the system is independent of any project member will encourage high uptake and usage. Aconex will also train and support every project participant, helping us to get the maximum value from the system."


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