iPhone app created by Tourism Australia

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Tourism Australia has created a new iPhone app to assist travellers plan journeys around Australia. The OZ Planner application is a mobile extension of Tourism Australia’s online holiday planning site, giving users direct access to tourism product listings like tour providers, accommodation and car hire. Travellers using the OzPlanner application can access 16 suggested Australian journeys and either navigate through the journeys to see highlights, images and suggested activities, or search a range of destinations and experiences and get suggestions for their trip. Tourism Australia managing director, Andrew McEvoy said that the application was designed to create a portable, engaging, motivational experience about travelling in Australia. "Mobile platforms are a great opportunity for Tourism Australia to extend its presence beyond traditional advertising and marketing to showcase the country’s diverse tourism experiences," McEvoy said. "The OzPlanner iPhone app is an especially effective way for us to reach some of our key tourism source markets so when they are looking to plan their escape from the daily grind they can get a taste of Australia with panoramic images of holiday experiences that will motivate them to plan and book a trip. "Users of our new iPhone app will also be able to easily keep detailed holiday plans in their phone, making travel so much easier once they are here plus they will also have access to more than 20,000 tourism products and services throughout Australia," McEvoy added. Tourism Australia will also use the iPhone app technology to update its knowledge of users for marketing purposes.


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