Invitation to take part in DHL Export Barometer

Invitation to take part in DHL Export Barometer article image
Given the importance of international trade to the Australian economy and the role export in particular plays to employment, research and development, innovation and building our nation's competitiveness,  researching trends and behaviours in global business is critical and therefore a major priority of the Export Council of Australia. As such we would like to invite you to take part in the DHL Export Barometer. The DHL Barometer surveys exporters around Australia each year about their views on the exchange rate, share market, skill shortages and other important issues that impact on their global business prospects. The DHL Export Barometer is used by the Reserve Bank of Australia, other economic policy institutions and reported widely throughout the Australian media. Your views as a current exporter would be highly appreciated and will help DHL to provide a more accurate snapshot of the experience and views of Australian exporters in the current global economic environment. To complete the survey, please use the following link: The online multiple-choice survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and you will be responding directly to DHL. Please note that the survey is open only to Australian exporters only. Should you decide to participate, a copy of the DHL Export Barometer executive summary will be emailed to you in late July 2012, giving you a head start on identifying key international business trends and planning your export strategies for the coming year.


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