Invest in China through Hong Kong

Invest in China through Hong Kong article image
Hong Kong will be a key conduit between China and investors from the rest of the world, says Christophe Lee, chairman of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) for Hong Kong and China. The global financial crisis has shown that Hong Kong has a robust economy with the right financial strategies in place, he said. Although the finance industry in Hong Kong declined, "there are many attributes that Hong Kong has as a leading financial centre, among them the rule of law, low taxes, effective regulation, political stability and a legal system with cases stretching back hundreds of years. This has enabled Hong Kong to grow its financial system, attracting investment and, hand-in-hand with that, financial talent." He suggested investors should take heed of Hong Kong's stability and leverage its relationship with China: "Over the past 10 years, Hong Kong has emerged as a gateway for investors to access the Chinese mainland, and for Chinese companies to access global capital. All this makes Hong Kong a great international financial centre."


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