Infrastructure to support energy exports

Infrastructure to support energy exports article image
Australian Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson, says infrastructure investment is part of the Government's response to assist energy exports. "Investing in infrastructure has the twin benefit of pumping money into the economy to see us through the global recession; and giving exporters the tools they need to export efficiently at volume," said Ferguson, in an address to the Queensland Resources Council in Rockhampton. Recent increases to the value of energy exports have been due to rising commodity prices, but an increase in production will be the key to future growth, he said: "It is crucial that Australia's resources sector can increase production and be free of past capacity constraints." Ferguson added: "Companies which look beyond the current financial crisis, and begin preparing for the growth that will inevitably come, will reap huge benefits as the next wave of growth from countries like China and India will present incredible opportunities for resource-rich, reliable suppliers like Australia."


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