India uranium export ban 'hypocritical'

India uranium export ban 'hypocritical' article image
Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop has called the Federal Government's ban on uranium exports to India "hypocritical", and said Australia was missing out on a massive economic and trade opportunity. "Mr Rudd has said climate change is the greatest economic, moral and environmental challenge of our generation, yet he refuses to allow Australian uranium to be sold to India to support its efforts at reducing global greenhouse gas emissions," she said. "It is hypocritical of Mr Rudd to argue for large reductions in global emissions while refusing to do everything in his power to achieve such a reduction." Bishop said while Australia has one of the largest reserves of uranium in the world, it was Canada and the USA that would supply India with its fuel. Russia has agreed to sell India nuclear reactors: "The deal with Russia follows the recent decisions of the Canadian and United Stated Governments to supply India with uranium, nuclear fuel and technologies." She added: "It is time for Mr Rudd to put aside his ideology and scare campaigns, and lift the ban on uranium sales to India as part of global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to support Australia’s mineral and resources exports."


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