Govt supports NGOs for overseas aid

Govt supports NGOs for overseas aid article image
Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith, this week announced plans to provide a further $28 million over two years to non-government organisations (NGOs) as part of Australia’s Overseas Development Assistance program. Over the past two years, total funding to Australian NGOs for humanitarian and development assistance work has increased from six to eight percent of Australia’s aid program. Earlier this month, Smith signed the Development Assistance Partnership Agreements with five major Australian NGOs who work in developing countries - Caritas Australia, ChildFund Australia, Oxfam Australia, Plan International Australia and World Vision Australia, in an effort to address poverty and improve education in developing nations. This latest contribution, to be managed by AusAID, will provide water, sanitation and hygiene to NGOs through the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygeine Fund. "Improving access to clean water and sanitation services is crucial to raising the health and living standards of people living in developing countries. Australian NGOs have a strong track record in working to bring about long-term better hygiene and health," Smith said in a statement. Information on how NGOs can apply for the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund can be found at


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