Google to quit China, Baidu to gain

Google to quit China, Baidu to gain article image
Google has issued a statement on their official blog regarding their reconsideration of the Chinese market following a number of cyber attacks threatening security and intellectual property. The attacks were mostly aimed at large corporations and human rights activists. Warren Cowan, CEO at UK-based search marketing agency Greenlight, says Google's withdrawal will mean Yahoo!, Bing and local search engine leader Baidu will take the remaining share of the search engine market. "For advertisers looking to target the Chinese market, it means a greater dependency on foreign operators who are less familiar to them, and less integrated with their ad operations," he warned. The Greens have commended Google's decision. "China is clearly involved in ongoing efforts to stifle freedom of speech and maximise censorship within its borders. This statement that has been made so publicly by Google has meant that governments around the world as well as other companies can no longer keep turning a blind eye to what's going on in China," said Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in a statement. "Google must be commended for standing up today and sending such a strong message-not just to the Chinese Government, but to the rest of the world." Hanson-Young said those with commercial interests in China should reconsider doing business with people who are human rights violators: "The example that Google has set today is that if companies can challenge the Chinese leadership, so can governments."


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