Global skills shortage looms

Global skills shortage looms article image
Skilled professionals will be in short supply as the world economy recovers, warns Larry Gould, chief executive of Australia-wide Business Training Pty Ltd (awbt). "Very few employers are taking a ‘Blue Ocean’ approach to their HR strategies and as a result, their SOS calls will not be responded to, with potentially devastating results for the long term success and financial viability of their operations," said Gould. "This situation is likely to worsen as the Australian and International economies gain confidence and momentum." According to the 2009 Manpower Australia Annual Talent Shortage Survey, 49 percent of Australian employers struggled to fill positions despite the economic crisis. In the Asia-Pacific, this figure was more than 30 percent. Research by awbt confirmed this. Globally, companies now regard talent recruitment as a priority and as a result, many businesses are prepared to recruit appropriate candidates from overseas or are prepared to move part or all of their operations to countries that can provide a supply of skilled and talented employees, said Gould. "As a result of globalisation, ageing workforces and the ‘War for Talent’, we are experiencing seismic shifts in the business landscape that requires new and innovative approaches by businesses to employment, retention and professional/personal development to attract and retain competent staff," he said. "The competitive forces impacting on talent will require organisations to implement a Centre of Excellence framework to provide the ‘business driver’ for innovation and growth. "How good an organisation is at attracting, managing and developing the skills and expertise of its human resource assets will become the crucial factor that determines the winners and losers in terms of marketplace competitive advantage."


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