Gelatissimo opens in Kuwait

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Australian gelato company Gelatissimo have opened their first Middle Eastern franchise in Kuwait. The company, which also exports to Italy and parts of Asia, opened their first store in the Middle East in a brand new restaurant complex called The Village just outside Kuwait City. In opening its first franchise in Kuwait, Gelatissimo is hopeful to also look elsewhere in the region. "There’s been a lot of interest," says joint CEO Domenico Lopresti. "I’m having meetings in Dubai and Saudi Arabia also. Middle Eastern people love sweet products and the climate is ideal for frozen treats." In order to meet the demands of local tastes, Gelatissimo have introduced new flavours to their staples, including fig, honey, pistachio and cardamon, working closely with the Master Franchisee to determine the best Middle Eastern flavours to sit alongside the Australian wattle, eucalyptus, mango and macadamia flavours. The first franchise has been opened by a well known Kuwaiti family business, International Trade Holding Co. "We knew that Gelatissimo would be embraced in Kuwait as it is totally different to anything currently available," said Richard Sabella, vice president business development of International Trade Holding Co. Kuwait. "There are lots of types of ice cream but nothing like the gelato produced by Gelatissimo. The taste is in a class of its own because the gelato is made fresh, in-store, on a daily basis. Plus it's Australian and in Kuwait Australian products are considered to be of excellent quality," he added. Lopresti expressed his excitement at opening this new store after many years developing the business since its inception in 2002. "You have  to pinch yourself and think back to when I was putting gelato in the back of the car and taking it to work, to now going to the other side of the world to do business," said Lopresti.


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