Exporters keen to leverage brand Australia

Exporters keen to leverage brand Australia article image
Results from a survey commissioned by the Australian Made Australian Grown (AMAG) Campaign found that almost half of AMAG logo users are exporters, with another 16 percent intending to export in the next 12 months. Of licensees that export, almost 75 percent use the AMAG logo to help sell their goods in overseas markets. Use of the logo ranked third as the most important selling point, after quality and price. The survey also found that 38 percent of AMAG licensees experienced an increase in export markets in the last 12 months, while 41 percent recorded no change. "The survey findings are encouraging because they clearly show that AMAG licensees are active and successful exporters who have a good understanding of how the logo can assist in selling their products," said Ian Harrison, CEO of AMAG. Licensees were also keen to participate in future AMAG export promotions, which "may be expanded to include a few additional industry specific promotions in selected markets" identified in the survey results, according to Harrison. The survey was conducted by Roy Morgan Research and involved more than 1,100 AMAG licensees.


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