Exploring Brazilian nautical market

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Steber International is looking into the Brazilian nautical market as a potential new export location. With 17 States, 395 municipalities and 40 million inhabitants, Brazil sits as one of the "big four" (Brazil, Russia, India, China - BRIC) emerging markets of today, undergoing a fascinating transition into a world of newly advanced economic development. Steber International was one of five teams selected by the University of Sydney, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Export, to take three final year Masters’ students to Brazil this coming Feburary on a fact-finding mission. The trip will allow those selected to undertake market research for five members of the Australian Institute of Export all of whom have identified Brazil as a potential export opportunity. But as the project's Academic Adviser, Professor Sid Gray (Head of International Business at the University of Sydney) said, "The trip won’t be a walk in the park, or two weeks taking in the sights of Sao Paulo. It’s going to be full-on in Brazil and during the briefing sessions which essentially start now". Managing Director of Steber International, Alan Steber said the economic climate of Brazil is to be closely monitored as it is one of the world’s fastest growing markets, allowing Australian exporters huge opportunities. "Brazil is a very complex place in which to do business, with lots of unknown traps for the inexperienced exporter," he said. One of Australia’s most successful boat builders, Steber International is the only marine industry company that was selected for the Brazilian venture. Briefings for the project started last week for those Masters students undertaking the research for Steber. The students visitied the Steber business in Taree, met key people within the company and worked closely at understanding their competitive advantage and ability to meet the demands of setting up a business in Brazil. At the end of the project the students will be required to deliver a presentation and submit a report for assessment. Steber said, "The three participants were very excited and I must say I was too. The three of them should network well. We all talked till midnight on Friday night then got up at 6am for the factory tour and then on board a boat in the river. I look forward to the outcomes."


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