E-business thrives in economic downturn

E-business thrives in economic downturn article image
Government stimulus packages implemented to combat the global economic downturn have benefited e-businesses by giving them better broadband infrastructure, according to a report by global telecommunications website BuddeComm, Global Digital Economy - E-Government, E-Health and E-Education Trends. "E-government, e-health and e-education are some of the most important industries to benefit from advancements in broadband infrastructure ... countries have begun to understand that broadband transmission infrastructure is not merely important for the direct social and economic use of citizens, but that it is equally important for the digital economy and includes critical sectors such as healthcare, education and smart grids," the report noted. It pointed out that a number of governments, including Australia's, have taken the lead on an e-government level, and have also recognised how going digital can assist in areas such as healthcare. BuddeCom highlighted: "The financial crisis has focused global attention on new infrastructure developments and facilitated a unique opportunity to shift the broadband emphasis from a high-speed internet service to a national infrastructure for the digital economy that will underpin a range of positive social and economic developments." See the BuddeCom website for an executive summary of the report.


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