Doha deal pushed at WTO meeting

Doha deal pushed at WTO meeting article image
Conclusion of the Doha Round of trade negotiations was a hot topic at this week's World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, the first full Ministerial meeting in four years. Minister for Trade Simon Crean said he was keen to see the Doha Round progress in 2010 and marked the conference as a good occasion to advance the trade deal: "The WTO has played a key role in monitoring protectionist responses to the global recession. It will be important that it strengthens this role as there are signs the global economy is emerging from recession." He said the conclusion to the round in 2010 would "help deliver sustainable economic growth", and added that "world leaders and ministers have built political support for concluding the Doha Round next year". Chinese Minister for Commerce Chen Deming also spoke out against protectionism and supported conclusion of negotiations in 2010 in light of the protectionist backlash China is currently experiencing as a response to alleged cases of 'dumping'. "Although developing nations have been more seriously hurt by the financial crisis, we should not take any kind of trade protectionist measure," he said. "The Doha Round is still in a deadlock, but we should value the efforts that all sides have made during the past few years, and try all best to bring the talks to an end in 2010."


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