Country branding effects investments

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Country branding is important for investment, immigration and consumption, shows FutureBrand research. The annual Country Brand Index (CBI) report by the global brand and innovation consultancy company documents perceptions for 2011 to 2012 of 113 nations to uncover the drivers behind the development of a country’s brand. It says the five main influences of a brand are values, quality of life, business, culture and tourism. If a place is able to improve a person’s life, others will then be encouraged to visit, do business and build their lives there. Australia is ranked as having the fifth strongest branding behind countries including Canada, Switzerland and New Zealand. With a population of 34, 030 589 and 2009-10 GDP growth of over three percent, the survey says Canada is ranked first for its stable political system, tolerant society and policies that encourage immigration. Coming in second, Switzerland has a strong brand based on its skiing, festivals and food. In comparison Australia has a population of 21, 766 711 and 2009-10 GDP growth of more than two percent. The country is known for its almost universally positive reputation, offering both the exotic and familiar in an English-speaking society that integrates well internationally. Countries with the strongest brands performed well in all dimensions of life, business and travel, with weaker ones having no recognisable profiles in any of these. Australia was ranked 10th for its value system but was perceived well in areas concerning quality of life, coming second in both areas of job opportunity and places people would most like to live. It was ranked 11th as good for business and 8th for tourism but did not make it to the top 25 for heritage and culture.


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